How to Add Content to Your WordPress Website

How to Add Content to Your WordPress Website

WordPress has many tools that make it easy to add content to your website. In this blog we will address some of them, but we will also focus on common mistakes users make.

How to Copy / Paste Text Without Changing the Font

Most of the time copying and pasting text into WordPress happens without any issues, at least that is what you think, but we will discuss that problem later in this blog. First we are going to explain how you can paste text into your WordPress pages.

Copy and Pasting Text

Almost everybody knows how to copy and paste from Word to another document, by simply clicking ctrl+c to copy the text and ctrl+v to paste the text. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? Well, sometimes this doesn't work on WordPress and your font changes in unexpected ways. This often gets worse as you add text from different sources.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem.

Simply copy the text from word and go to the post editor in the WordPress Dashboard.
Choose the location in the text where you want to add the content to your WordPress website. Then you press the “insert from Word” figure in the toolbar above the post editor. It looks like a W. If you don’t see this button then press the Kitchen sink button, you will see all the extra buttons WordPress has to offer.
Select the Word Icon, then there will open a dialogue box where you can paste the text from your word document. Press the OK button and the text will be added to your website without all these weird font changes.

This tool is called ‘paste as text’, which means that the text is pasted without the formatting from Word or another document. Now you have two options. You can either leave the text as it is and everything stays the same, or you can change the fonts of the titles which is now quite easy.

The previous solution isn’t perfect, 9 out of 10 times it will work, but there is still a chance that the fonts have changed. To really tackle this problem we advise you to copy and paste the text from word without any formatting in word. This will cost some extra steps to insert it to your website.

The first step is to open Notepad on your pc or Text editor on your Mac.
Paste the Word text into a new file.
Copy these texts and paste them in the WordPress post editor.
After you have done this it is important to check the text for any faults by viewing your changes, also you need to add the styling you need, such as: hyperlinks, bold titles and deliberate font changes.

Why This is Important?

Consistent page formatting makes your site look more professional, is easier to read and generally makes for a happier browning experience. Font changes should be there for a reason, large text because it’s a key heading, bold text to pick out something for emphasis, your readers are tuned into these without knowing it and as they skim read your page you can make sure they see the most important bits.

Random font changes and poor layout just makes everything harder and will probably put them off.

In the worst cases you can have so much bad coding in your site it can break it altogether - links will stop working, html code will appear where you don’t want it. All from cutting and pasting. You can get yourself in a real mess if you are too heavy handed.

Editing the back end code of any website requires experience, which is why you should call on the services of We’ve been fixing content errors for 10+ years now so have pretty much seen it all so can generally get things sorted for you quickly.


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