How to Write Compelling Online Content

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In today's hectic digital world, online readers’ attention is a scarce commodity. It’s not enough to share information with your readership - you need content that resonates with them. Already on the blog, we’ve delved into why you should start writing blog posts and the importance of having enough content on your website for SEO. Here, we’re going to reveal the three simple questions that are the holy grail of writing informative, eye-catching online content.

However, don’t just read the tips - pay attention to how they materialise within this post. That way, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of them, and you can judge whether we’re being true to our word (or words, should I say?).

What Are You Going to Say?

If you’re going to write online content simply to fill space, don’t bother. Each day, millions of new posts appear on WordPress blogs alone. If yours doesn’t provide the reader with value, it won’t get near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), so it won’t reach your target audience - and even if it does, it won’t manage to hold their attention. You need valuable and relevant content. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What pearls of wisdom can you share about your industry?
  • Any anecdotes that’ll have your reader in fits of stitches?
  • What about some burning (though not overly controversial) thoughts on a trending topic?

Your piece might be amusing, insightful or provide practical advice - whichever it is, it needs to hold the reader’s attention. And remember, there’s a difference between a first and a final draft. You’re free to change your piece, and revise the topic, as many times as you like before posting it.

This question dovetails with the next, which is...

How Are You Going to Say It?

Once you know what to say, think about how to say it. This is known as ‘tone of voice’. Remember: what you want to say will affect how you say it. For example, if I’m trying to promote an exclusive, high-end perfume, which of the following descriptions would work better (forgiving the ill-suited name)?

  1. Support4WordPress Perfume - deliciously tempting, dangerously seductive, fit for royalty.
  2. This new Support4WordPress Perfume is totally FAB! Grab it quick before it sells out!

The first is sophisticated and formal, whilst the second is chatty and conversational. Whilst the second option is perfect in some contexts, I’m sure you’ll agree that the first is better suited to what we’re trying to sell here.

Your tone of voice conveys the personality of your company or brand. Therefore, make sure it is consistent with the service or product your organisation provides and the rest of the content you write online. If you do this, your audience will form a clear picture of who you are and what your purpose is, which is exactly what you want.

How Should You Structure It?

As we’ve mentioned, the internet today is a manic competition for attention. Therefore, if you’re going to write online content, such as a WordPress blog, it needs to be concise, readable and, naturally, attention-grabbing. To achieve this, you can:

  • Use a title that encapsulates what the piece is about and makes the reader want to know more
  • Get straight to the point. Remember what we said about bringing value? If your introduction is long and rambling the reader will quickly lose interest and leave your site
  • Split it up with subheadings and short paragraphs
  • Mix it up with lists, rhetorical questions and other devices that will make your writing feel less dense - even hyphens can be effective at this
  • Use an image that reflects what your piece is about.

Extra Tip: Read Your Work Aloud

This will feel odd at first, but doing so will reveal clumsy grammar, awkward phrasing, unclear meaning and other imperfections that reading it silently wouldn’t have. It also gives you a clearer sense of the tone of voice that we talked about.

How Support4WordPress Can Help

Having a successful online presence is vital for any business and writing valuable content is a crucial ingredient in this. It can be difficult, but by simplifying your thinking you can simplify the process of writing, too.

Not everyone is a natural writer, however, and even if you are, producing a regular stream of original content can be time-consuming. At Support4WordPress, we have a team of talented writers exclusively dedicated to crafting attention-grabbing, purpose-driven content that can take care of this for you. If you’re looking for help writing WordPress blogs or with any other aspects of WordPress management in Manchester, contact us on 0161 236 3939 or email us directly at

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