How to use Keywords: The Key to Successful Blog Posts

How to Use Keywords

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. It’s therefore very important for content writing that keywords – that is, the phrases you want to rank for – are used correctly. However, this can sometimes be difficult due to the changes in the way these algorithms work. We thought it would be helpful to explain how keywords…

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Why It’s Important to Use Galleries in WordPress Posts and Pages

Support for WordPress

A gallery is an excellent way to highlight a series of images of, for example, a product you want to showcase on your website. There are multiple WordPress plugins available that allow you to add a gallery to a post or page but these aren’t always necessary. WordPress has a built-in feature for this. In…

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Why Should I Pay for WordPress Support?

WordPress Support

There are a wide range of benefits to outsourcing the maintenance and management of your website to a WordPress Support partner. We’ll discuss just a few of them in this blog post. WordPress Support With more and more business transactions taking place online, it’s more important than ever that you have a website that does…

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What are WordPress Tags and How To use WordPress Tags?

How to use WordPress Tags

In this article we discuss what WordPress tags are, how to use WordPress tags and their importance for SEO. WordPress Tags Suppose you have a WordPress blog page and you regularly publish new articles on your website. Although you have neatly divided your posts into different broad categories, you will notice that you lose some…

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How to Add Content to Your WordPress Website

How to Add Content to Your WordPress Website

WordPress has many tools that make it easy to add content to your website. In this blog we will address some of them, but we will also focus on common mistakes users make. How to Copy / Paste Text Without Changing the Font Most of the time copying and pasting text into WordPress happens without…

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How To Insert and Change a Link in WordPress

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In the past, we’ve written about the importance of inserting links into your website’s content for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes. But how to link in WordPress? We’ve written this simple blog post to give you some key pointers and tips. If you’re managing the content of your website properly, you’ll no doubt be uploading…

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WordPress: Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress mistakes

Incredibly, 35.6% of all websites globally are built using WordPress. Whilst that means lots of great content is being uploaded every day, it also means lots of mistakes are being made. We thought we’d write this blog post to highlight some of the most common mishaps, so you can make sure you don’t make them.…

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Why Should I Start Writing Blog Posts?

WordPress solutions Manchester

If you’re not currently writing a blog for your company’s website, you could be missing out on new customers and business, as well as damaging your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s rankings. Top Blogging Tips Here are our top four reasons why you should be blogging: +To Communicate Having a blog on…

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Internal Link Building

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Types of Link Building There are two different forms of link building; external and internal. For successful external link building, you need to insert URLs into your website’s copy which link to relevant pieces of content on other websites, and encourage other high domain authority websites to link back to yours. Internal link building, as…

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Speeding Up Your Website

WordPress Support companies Manchester

Speeding up your website may not be the most exciting task in your marketing plan or one that anybody looks forward to doing, but it may be the single most important task on your to do list. The first thing to check is do you need to bother? This is easy to do, just head…

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