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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, often referred to by its abbreviation GMB, is something many of us will be familiar with when the results of a search appear. As in the example for Creation Digital's parent agency CreationADM shown below, basic company information, including a summary of business sector, contact details and a link to the website are all included. Well, they are included because CreationADM has completed their GMB profile, which leads us neatly onto the crux of this blog post: many businesses fail to complete their profiles and are not taking advantage of free advertising for their companies.


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Why is Google My Business so important for yours?

In 2020, Google amassed a global market share of an astonishing 92.54%, (though a mere 87% here in the UK) equating to around 40,000 search enquiries a second and 3.5 billion searches a day. As we all know, 2020 was a somewhat special year, with worldwide lockdowns forcing its residents to immerse themselves on all things online. Therefore, not having a completed business profile on Google is counter-productive, putting it mildly. How so?

Well, first impressions count and if you see an incomplete business profile, what are your own initial thoughts? We suspect they will not be positive and in today's "must have it now" culture, patience or tolerance is thin and the likelihood is that potential customer will go elsewhere with their business. Remember your company only appeared in the first place after keywords or phrases Google determines are relevant to the enquirer.

Secondly, a completed business profile is one of the most simple and effective ways to ensure your company is found organically, i.e. via search, which Google then uses to judge the all-important relevance of your company to that particular search term.

Finally, GMB has Google Map integration, the world's most popular directions tool (obviously) and reviews of your company, which again help with that first impression.  For a full list and information, this Forbes article from May is well worth a read.

How do I set up my GMB profile?

Here's the thing, it is very simple to set up your own business profile.

  1. Logon to press the green button to register. You should also set up a Google "Gmail" email address.
  2. Search for your business via the search bar. You can always create your business if it does not appear.
  3. Claim your business and click continue.
  4. Verify your business. This is normally done via email and takes the form of a verification code Google sends.
  5. A voila, your GMB page is now active!

Don't forget to add the contact details, including phone number, email address, website URL, appointment URL if applicable and also aim to add some photos and ensure Google Reviews are active.

What next?!

Keep your GMB page fresh and up-to-date. One tip is to post regular content, which can be anything from an update on Covid-19 (hours, working remotely or back in the office,) an event, what's new, an offer or product, depending on what type of business is. It's worth remembering that Google loves fresh relevant content, so anything you post on your GMB page will benefit you in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. This is free promotion, take advantage.

Remember those Google Reviews? Do try and respond to any you get, both positive and negative, in fact any of these should take precedence.

We are here to help! 

Whilst we hope this blog is full of useful tips, we are here to answer any questions or assist in implementing any of our suggestions.  So, don't be shy, contact us via phone on 0161 236 3939, email or contact form and a member of our Creation Digital team will respond as soon as they can.

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