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WordPress website SEO | on-page analysis | Off-page seo | monthly SEO reports

WordPress SEO

WordPress website SEO | on-page analysis | Off-page seo | monthly SEO reports

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Keyword management

Every successful SEO and content marketing campaign begins with thorough keyword research. These are the words that people type into search engines to look for goods and services online. The better you match these to your website, the more likely you are to rank well.

Keywords form the basis of every campaign and we use different keyword tools to allow us to select the right ones for you. We then analyse how your website is ranking for these target keywords.

We can also rank your position alongside your major competitors.

Once we have established your target list, we implement them on your website pages and content. Ranking for too broad a search phrase may bring lots of irrelevant traffic to your site, selecting a very narrow term will allow you to rank well but not bring you much traffic.

After implementation, we analyse their performance and make continuous adjustments to improve their ranking position. We also expand and add new terms to build your keyword profile over time.

On-page SEO 

On-page SEO describes the process of ensuring every element of your website page is fully utilised to highlight the page content to a search engine.

Are your keywords in your title and url? Have you correctly set-up your images? Have you used the meta tags correctly? There are many different small tasks you can carry out on every page to improve it's ranking potential.

And of course there is the content. Is this correctly written and titled? Is it long enough? Great content is always a key part of the SEO picture and without it you are not going to get the best results.

We analyse, improve and optimise the existing website for SEO, in addition we will write new blogs. We will target the blog posts on those keywords that are most important for your business and we have agreed at the start of your campaign.

We create blog posts that run from 300 to 800 words as well as ‘cornerstone content’ - longer pieces that explore your services in greater detail and add to the credibility of your site. By containing useful, consistent content, your website gains more authority with search engines.

Off-page SEO 

Off page SEO is about link building and creating a flow of referred traffic to your site, adding to it's authority and being seen as a great part of the information hub by a search engine.

Links can be generated in many ways including PR and social media activities, having your info graphics featured on other sites and using free resources such as Google My Business correctly.

The wrong kind of links can have a detrimental effect on your website’s ranking so we build yours organically rather than trying to buy them or build them artificially.

Social media is an important tool when boosting your off page SEO. That is why we can include the setting up and running your social media accounts, increasing the engagements, the number of followers and the awareness of your brand, ultimately driving more people to your website.

Technical aspects of your website's performance will also be assessed by our team at the beginning of the project. If we feel that your hosting for example, is part of the problem we will recommend it is upgraded as part of the first stages of the SEO campaign.

Monthly SEO reports

At the outset of your campaign we create an in-depth report, which includes the weekly keyword performance of all of your keyword phrases, competitor rankings and overall visibility of your website.

This information can also be viewed live online and detailed numbers produced for each phrase.

The SEO report covers the following:

Keyword phrase weekly position ranking

Overall visibility of your site on desktop and mobile

Suggested target keywords that should be worked on next

In addition you will receive our Google Analytics, maintenance and management reporting package to keep you advised of all the work completed on your site during the previous month.

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