WordPress Maintenance

WordPress website software updates | security monitoring | off-site backups | monthly reports

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress website software updates | security monitoring | off-site backups | monthly reports

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Improved security against hacks

Keeping the software packages used to build your website up to date is the first step to good security. We will maintain the latest versions of your core WordPress files, themes and plugins.

Where plugins or themes are licensed we will make sure these are maintained and there may be a small additional cost for this for the licenses.

We will then add an extra layer of security to ensure your site is much harder to hack into and much less likely to fall foul of a malicious attack.

Our security monitoring software will notify us of any suspicious activity and allow us to take any actions needed to fix it.

Should the worst happen and a hacker break through, we will clean your site and restore a previously saved version so you can be back up and running in no time.

We may ask you to move to one of our preferred hosting providers if we feel this will ensure a more secure environment for your website.

Any actions and additional costs will be fully agreed with you prior to taking any actions.

Offsite back-ups every 24 hours

Back-ups are essential, if you haven't got a daily back-up system in place then set one up today.

Someone will do something to screw your website up one day and it might even be you. On that day you will be very, very pleased you have a working back-up and the maximum work lost will be one day.

Our backup service includes:

Daily full back-up of website software and content (when using our hosting service). 

Weekly back-up to a separate cloud storage facility.

Restoring a previous version of your website for you.

Previous 30 days of back-ups stored.

Packages can be increased to save more frequent back-ups but generally for most websites we find this is an excellent starting point.

We will also be notified if there are any issues saving the back-up and our monthly reporting will identify any issues that need addressing.

WordPress software updates

WordPress websites include the core WordPress software files, usually a few custom plugins that are being used for some additional features and your theme design files.

On top of this there is a database that stores the content of your website so as you add to it, new content is added to the database.

Updates occur to the core WordPress files as they develop the software, add features and fix bugs. Our first task is to make sure these files are updated with each new release.

Plugin developers also update their software, often to keep it compatible with the core WordPress software and to make sure they use all of the latest features available. Plugins can be paid or free and you may be paying a one-off fee or an annual license to keep access these updates.

Either way, we will make sure your plugins are at the latest version for both security and compatibility reasons. Often if you leave to go too far out-of-date they will end up conflicting with another piece of software and cause a site issue.

Your design theme will probably change less often but will still need updating as we have seen that many website issues are caused by out of date theme files.

Monthly reports

Our reporting package will keep you advised of all the work completed on your site during the previous month.

This includes:

Monthly overview of your website. 

All the updates completed and the dates they were carried out.

Dates off-site backups were taken.

If you would like to know more about your site's performance then we recommend upgrading to our WordPress management package, details of which can be found here...

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