The Importance of Having Enough Content on Your Website for SEO.

In this blog post, we’re going to tell you what website content is and why it’s important to write for SEO.

If you manage a website, you’ll have probably heard about "writing for SEO". This is a technique used on almost every website. But do you regularly add new content or update the existing content on your site? Chances are that the answer to that question is - no. In this article, we’ll explain why new content is so important for SEO.

Let's start with the basics. Your SEO optimisation strategy should consist of three pillars: technology optimisation, link building and content optimisation. Embrace technology to improve the user-friendliness of your site, link building for your web domain authority and content to tell search engines what your website and individual pages are about. The search engine crawler reads this and gives you a place within its search results.

What is Content?

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing valuable and relevant content that meets the needs of your target group. Content is a broad concept and a collective name for information that can be shared (online). Think of written texts such as website texts and blogs, but also images and corporate films. By creating and distributing content that your target group finds valuable and relevant, you involve them in your brand and build a sustainable relationship.

What is the Purpose of Content Marketing?

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain customers. How? By creating and distributing content that exactly matches the needs of the customer. This is not about creating content just for the sake of it (quantity), but about creating relevant content with a plan behind it (quality). By creating appropriate and creative content and distributing it at the right time, via the right channels, you’ll attract the customer's attention and generate interest for your product or service.

Now that we've explained what Content is, let's take a look at why it's important.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Let’s take you back to a time when the internet did not exist yet and TV, radio, magazines and newspapers still prevailed. At that time, communication between brand and customer was one-sided. Interaction was not possible; whether or not they wanted it, people were faced with ad messages and there was no room for reaction. This was called mass communication, or one-to-many communication. That’s different in the current digital age. Nowadays, people can decide for themselves whether they find something relevant, credible and valuable and whether they want to show involvement. They are better informed and constantly on the lookout for information, relying less and less on traditional media.

These developments have made content marketing increasingly important. Interaction and communication are essential nowadays to gain customer confidence. Good content inspires, informs and encourages action. The idea here is that by offering valuable and relevant SEO content to potential and existing customers, you are rewarded with their loyalty and business.

Below we discuss the four reasons why content is important, according to our SEO experts.

Authority in your Industry

In addition to having steady SEO optimised pages, your website can get an SEO boost by supplementing it with related content. This means that you show that you are a trusted and knowledgeable authority in your industry and that you have more information than your competition. The search engines know which words are related to each other, and what search intentions are part of that. It is therefore important to write about more than just your focus keywords and topics, but more widely, on topics across your industry.


Regular Indexation

When you post new content or supplement old content with new information, the crawling bots must reassess your page. This is also known as indexing. The more often you add new content to your website, the more often these crawl bots will come by and your website should appear more and more in the rankings. If you do this well, your site will become more visible.


More Keywords

The more content you have, the more keywords you can add to your website. And the more keywords you have, the higher the chance of growing organic traffic. You’ll soon not only be ranking for keywords associated with your services and / or products, but also for many other industry terms.

More Possibilities for Internal Linking

You may have heard of it: internal linking. This is a way to show the search engine bots which pages within your website are the most important. The more links there are within your website to your most important pages (these are of course the pages with which you earn money), the more value the search engine bots will give to these pages. This is a fairly easy way to give your site an extra boost in search engine rankings.


In this article, we've explained why it's important to add SEO Content to your website. If you have little experience doing it, or simply don't have the time, you should consider outsourcing the work. That's where we come in. We're a company that specialties SEO content. We can also offer website repairs, updates and we can manage your website.

Get in touch with the team now by filling out our contact form. Let us know what you need help with, then we'll have a look at your website and advise you on what needs to be done.

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