Managing all the technical bits for your WordPress website (so you don't have to)

Or in other words, we set up website hosting, manage the site software, run backups and fix things when they break.

Keeping it up!

The most important part of hosting is keeping your website live. That's why we've invested in a quality package that will ensure your site loads quickly and is reliable. If something does happen we aim to get you back up and running fast.

Making changes

Every now and then you will want to make a change, add a page, add a feature or simply correct a mistkae you've spotted. We include simple content edits in most of our packages so you can select the level of support you need. We can also offer hourly support.

Protecting and backing up

Every now and then you make a change and things go horribly wrong and you want to go back and start again. We offer daily back ups as a minimum so the most work you might lose is a day. If you prefer there's an option for hourly backups but it's pretty rare for most sites.

Website management

We monitor your site's health and keep the software up-to-date. As with any technology, your website doesn't stay still. Remember Windows XP? It's not around very much anymore and it's the same with WordPress and websites in general. The software is constantly being updated and so you have no choice but to follow this trend.

This is generally a simple task of backing up the site, updating the plugin or theme and checking nothing has broken. Almost all of the time, it takes just a few minutes. But every now and then a problem happens and this is where we step in to fix it for you.

Most often we can do this quickly but it depends on who built your site, how well the plugins they used are supported and if these have become obsolete. Whatever the issue we will either fix it or agree a way forward to get you back online.

Site Health

We lost contact with our freelance website developer and then lost access to our website.
When it crashed, Creation Digital got it back for us.

- Marcus Shamim, Owner Peter Marcus Hairdressing

Some of the most common things we deal with...

No access to hosting or domain account
Forms not working or going nowhere
Out of date software
No https: but http: (see text no 9)

9 Reasons we are asked to help...

  1. Domain name lost. is not under your control but the person who built your website. If they don't renew your domain each year then your site and email will fail on the renewal date. And if you lose contact it can be an absolute pain to get access again. We fix this for someone every few months.
  2. No access to hosting or website. You may not need this but you should at least have it. Even if you're not confident about editing this stuff, if you have access you have the option to give someone you trust access. This is important if you aren't in close contact with the site's developer any more.
  3. Website forms go nowhere. Stop reading this page and go and test your website contact form now. At least one of you will find it's not coming through to you. All those enquiries are going nowhere. We can fix this.
  4. Lorem Ipsum. No, we haven't made a mistake. Filler text (often based on Lorem Ipsum) can remain on your site from the day it was designed and never be quite finished. This is surprisingly common but easily fixed.
  5. Painfully slow loading. Cheap hosting is fine for some tiny websites but if the site loads at a snail's pace, your visitors won't visit. This is most common on smartphones.
  6. Hacked. The worst case we found was over 10,000 spam posts being added at 30 or 40 per day. Add some security to your site so you don't fall victim to the wide variety of d*cks out there.
  7. Weird font changes. Thankfully less of a problem than it used to be but cutting and pasting from a document into your website editor can bring some styling code with it. This can make your text look odd. We can fix that.
  8. Massive image files. Images don't need to be 10 times bigger than the biggest screen size anyone is ever going to use. Huge files slow down your website and videos are even worse.
  9. Not https: This one is a bit technical but if you don't see a small closed padlock symbol next to the domain name in the top search bar, then your site doesn't have an SSL certificate and is less trusted than one that does. This is https vs. http. All of our packages are with SSL certificates.